Eric Keller's Publications


7,010,664 - "Configurable address generator and circuit using same", Ballagh, Keller, Milne. Granted Mar. 7, 2006.

6,920,627 - "Reconfiguration of a programmable logic device using internal control", Blodget, McMillan, James-Roxby, Sundararajan, Keller, Curd, Kalra, LeBlanc, Eck. Granted July 19, 2005.

6,883,147 - "Method and system for generating a circuit design including a peripheral component connected to a bus.", Ballagh, Milne, Stroomer, Keller, Hwang, James-Roxby. Granted Apr. 19, 2005.

6,725,441 - "Method and apparatus for defining and modifying connections between logic cores implemented on programmable logic devices." Keller, Patterson. Granted Apr. 20, 2004.

6,487,709 - "Run-Time Routing for Programmable Logic Devices." Keller, Guccione, Levi. Granted Nov. 26, 2002.